tour guide
A satisfied customer taking his tour guide for a ride

I am Nathan Landau, a young & energetic licensed tour guide specializing in presenting the conventional Tours of Israel but seen from a different perspective. You will hear an objective and balanced view of the conflicts affecting our country.

What I can offer

On my tours you will experience this country not just as an endless series of dull archaeological sites and obnoxious souvenir vendors, but as a mosaic of hidden treasures, breathtaking nature and holy sites of the three monotheistic religions. In addition to taking you to the major tourist destinations, I will also introduce you to the country’s various populations: Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze.

tour guide
Your tour guide giving explanations at the separation wall

With me as your tour guide, you will encounter a vibrant population consisting of traditional and conservative, as well as modern and open societies. Immigrants from a multitude of countries speaking different tongues mix with the native population of Arabs and Jews. To visitors who want to understand better why our country keeps on making headlines in the media, I will explain about the ongoing conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians, between the secular and orthodox or between Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews.

I will show you the many facets of this potpourri of cultures and religions while introducing you to their world and inviting you to taste their food.

Tell me your preferences

Of course, you will decide how to spend your tour time: whether you prefer the sanctity of holy sites, the vibrance of Tel Aviv’s night life, the solitude of Israel’s magnificent deserts, fun on the beach or leisurely strolls through the narrow alleys of Israel’s old cities.

I will do my best to guide you through your dream vacation in Israel.

* Jerusalem-Syndrome
is the name given to a psychiatric disorder which occasionally affects visitors who become overwhelmed by the divine presence felt in Jerusalem.