Here are some of  the tours I can offer you. These are merely ideas of what we can do together. Feel free to combine several tours into one or pick selected sites from the list. I will gladly assist you in building your dream tour  itinerary.

Jerusalem for Beginners

Tour length: 2 days

How did Kind David conquer the city of Jebus and what was left behind in drain pipes after the uprising during the great siege on Jerusalem?

Let us wander through the city which recently turned 3000 and discover places not visible to the uninitiated visitor. We will stroll from David’s City to the Wailing Wall (Western Wall), climb up to the Temple Mount, visit the Wide Wall and bring to life the biblical story of the Assyrian Siege‬‏. We will explore David's Tower and will see how conquerors and rulers each changed the face of the city.

Jerusalem – The Holy City

Tour length: 2 days

This tour takes you to the most important Christian sites in Jerusalem.

We will descend the Mount of Olives to the Garden of Gethsemane, see the Holy City from the place where Jesus stood and foretold its destruction. You will walk along the Via Dolorosa, from where Jesus was condemned to death (the first station) all the way to where he was laid in his tomb (the 14th station).

Our second day begins with a visit to the Temple Mount where Jesus was tempted by the devil and nearby where he chased away the money-changers and “cleansed” the Temple. Later, we will visit the St. Peter in Gallicantu Monastery and then continue to Bethlehem, Jesus' birth place.

Rural Bethlehem

Tour length: 1 day

We begin with a visit to Rachel’s Tomb and discuss the various theories surrounding the true location of her burial site.

From there we continue to the eastern reaches of Gush Etzion, Har Homa and the lookout from Herodion. We will discuss the partition of the land into areas A, B and C and the Jewish and Palestinian settlements there.

We continue westward and visit Gush Etzion and its museum. Here we will hear a different narrative and will understand that the dichotomy of good vs. bad does not always apply. Here, we also visit al-Walaje, an Arab village within the Gush, and hear the remarkable story of this village in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

East Jerusalem and the Dividing Line

Tour length: 1 day

A tour for anyone curious about “the other side of the fence”.

Just two weeks passed between the end of the Six Day War (1967) and the decision to annex East Jerusalem. This decision changed dramatically the fate of the city and the relation between its inhabitants.

We will visit some of the neighborhoods of East Jerusalem: Issawiyeh, Jabel Mukaber, Shuafat and the village of Wallaje. While there, we will try to understand the very special situation in which the residents of East Jerusalem live. In the course of our tour we will meet with representatives of Elad, an organization which encourages Jews to move to East Jerusalem as well as meet representatives of the “I Love Silowan” organization, which are active against its “jewification‬‏”.

Monks and Hermits – Beyond the Holy City

Tour length: 1 day

Travelling in an off-road vehicle, we will leave Jerusalem and visit those sites where in the course of history holy men chose to live their lives in the most grueling location, the desert. We will take you to the Marsaba Monastery hanging from a cliff in the Kidron Valley, enter the huge cistern of the Avtimius Monastery, then continue to Nabi Musa, which was once a Moslem pilgrim site.

Stopping for a cup of coffee we will talk about the connection between religion and politics.

A visit to Qumran will complete our tour. Qumran was home to the Jewish sect of the Essenes during the time of the Second Temple and is the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.