I have enjoyed the company of my customers just as much as they have enjoyed mine. Their questions, interests, feedback and wishes are a constant inspiration for me to improve my tours and perfect my knowledge of the land and the people of this land. I am confident that you too, will return home with the satisfaction of having had a good time, a pleasant vacation and also having learned something about Israel and Israelis you did not know before.

Remarkable Expertise

“We highly recommend Nathan Landau as tour guide in Israel, the Holy Land. He displays a remarkable level of expertise in historical, cultural, and religious matters. He is articulate, kind, and has a keen sense of humor. In this complicated country and in these troubled times, Nathan helped us understand the many points of view in his homeland”

Mary Ann and Joe Blair, Philadelphia, USA

Terrific Guide

Nathan is a terrific guide - friendly, knowledgeable, energetic, and has a great sense of humor! You will always be in good hands when traveling with him. Whether your interests are culture, language, food, politics, religion, or history, Nathan creates an opportunity for you to become more than a tourist and truly experience Israel and get to know its people. His passion and enthusiasm are contagious. Nathan, thank you for an unforgettable experience!

Lori, Washington, DC USA

Sense of Humor

I had the privilege of staffing a Birthright trip on which Natan was the guide, and we were so incredibly lucky that he was. The students had an incredible time thanks to Natan's sense of humor, energy, and awesome ideas. Just as importantly -- and perhaps more importantly -- Natan took special care to provide multiple perspectives at every opportunity. There's no such thing as a tour without bias, but Natan allowed students to learn through the lenses of multiple different biases, engendering confidence about their learning, curiosity to learn more, and compassion towards all peoples involved. Thank you so much, Natan, for your knowledge, your broad-mindedness, and your exuberance!

Hannah Spiro, Washington DC

Energy, Enthusiasm and Knowledge

Taking a trip to a new country with foreign language and customs is always a bit daunting, but Nathan’s energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of the territory made it easy. We enjoyed his commentary and his spirited approach to each new day and activity. He gets around with ease, is extremely helpful and flexible in scouting out whatever you might be looking for and we highly recommend him.

Janet S Steinwedel, PhD President, Leader's Insight, LLC

Jewish and Palestinian Points of View

Nathan, Pam and I can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm as a guide and interpreter through our recent visit of the Tel Aviv region and through Old and New Jerusalem. You not only showed us the sites, but we appreciate your efforts to honor our request that we get to meet and interview people with divergent points of view. Because of your efforts we feel we now have a greater grasp of both Jewish and Palestinian points of view. Nathan, you made our visit extra special indeed. We wish you the very best, my friend. Shalom,

Mike and Pam Mirabella, California

סיור המרתק

אני מבקשת להודות לכם על הסיור המרתק בקהילת 'מוסללה', במסגרת מפגש 'דיאלוג בשטח'. הסיור אפשר למשתתפים להתרשם מהסיפור המיוחד של הקהילה, האידיאולוגיה והערכים המנחים אותה, בצד הקשיים הלא פשוטים אתם היא מתמודדת. המפגש עורר את המוטיבציה שלהם לתרום לקהילה וליזום שיתופי פעולה אתה. באמצעות ההיכרות עם קהילת 'מוסללה', המשתתפים הבינו את תרומתה של הסוכנות היהודית לפעילותן של קהילות צעירות הפועלות לקידום יעדים חברתיים. בשמי ובשם צוות מרכז המצוינות, אנא הודו לכל מי שלקח חלק בתכנון ובהפעלת הסיור. תודה וישר כוח! רימונה

ד"ר רימונה ויזל מנהלת מרכז מצוינות והון אנושי

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