Below is a list of possible tours from which you can chose. The list merely serves as a recommendation of what we can offer you. Feel free to combine several tours into one or pick selected sites from the list. We will gladly assist you in building an itinerary which suits your wishes.

Introductory Tour

Length: 5 to 8 days

If you have heard about Israel from a relative who came here once with BirthRight, or if you came to visit your family, take a few days off to see this country on a guided tour. This can make the difference between seeing old ruins and finding out the exciting stories behind these stones.

Masada, the Dead Sea and Jericho

Length: 2 day tour

In the year 73 c.a., when the Roman army had nearly succeeded in subduing the Jewish uprising, a small group of fanatics managed to escape to Masada, a rock plateau on the southern end of the Judean desert. The tragic end of this group of fighters became the source of a new Jewish identity – and of an endless number of learned articles.
When visiting Masada, you will be acquainted with the life of luxury of King Herod the Great on one hand and the life of poverty chosen by the zealots on the other. All this within a span of merely a hundred years. You will begin to understand why this place remains a symbol from the Second Temple period until today.
The remainder of the day will be spent with a brief dip in the Dead Sea, the lowest inhabited place on earth, and in the Ein Gedi oasis nature reserve.

Tsfat, Tiberias and the Upper Galilee

Length: 2 days

Tsfat, the place where the Kabbalah was created, challenges the visitor to pause and reflect where he comes from and where he is heading to.
We will stroll through its narrow alleys where famous rabbis walked such as Yitshak Lurie or Shlomo Alkabetz, visit its synagogues, the well of the ha’Ari haKadosh (במעיין האר"י הקדוש) and Chakal Tapuchin Kadishin (בחקל תפוחין קדישין) where for the first time the Kabalat Shabbat prayers were recited.